The number one CRM solution in the worldsets a newstandard insales automationwith its packageofcloud solutionsthat will allow your teamto increase the amount of transactions, improve efficiency and productivityand collect enoughquality leadsat all stages ofthe purchase funnel. No software. No infrastructure. No speed limits.

Sales cloud

All of the client interaction history is available at any moment, in any place — and with unmatchedsafety.

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Whether you are organizing a call-centre ora self service portal — Service Cloud works on improving the quality of your
services by making thesupport even moreresponsiveand flexiblethan your clients could ever imagine.

Service cloud

Give your clients the level ofservice thatthey deserve with a fastand smart support service.

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Our comprehensive all-in-onesolution fororganizing support will helpsmall businesspersonalize communication through any channel.

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Help your potential clients find their wayto your companyby creating personalizedscenarios for every communication channel,
by tracking down the history ofinteraction with a client and by analyzing profiles at any stage.

Marketing cloud

Create and managepersonalizedscenarios with the world’s mostpowerful platformfor internet marketing.

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Add enthusiasm to your sales department— fill thefunnelwith quality leadsby automating B2B marketing.

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We present Salesforce Analytics.
Cloud opportunities for any data.

Use datain anysource formatin the new version of Analytics, get instant replies andco-operate with your teamfrom any deviceand from any place. Top speed amidst analytical solutions.

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Platform and Applications

Our products are based on Salesforce1 Platform.Use these core technologiesas a platform for buildingyour own applications toreceive and manage data from any resources that you are using.

Salesforce1 platform

Discover thenumber one in the world corporate cloud platformfittedwith all necessary tools and services fordeveloping applications tailored for your business.

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Instantly automate your employees’ routine tasks with a set of applicationsthat allow to create an ideal solution for any department in just a few clicks.

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Heroku provides the necessary architecturefor your developers and helps them quickly launch attractive mobile applications.

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A perfect way to know Salesforce better is totry the softwarefor freefor 30 days. If you have any questions about our products, their realization, integrationor any other —just let us know. Our highly qualified representativeswill be happy toprovide you with exhaustive answers.

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